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With our flatbed printer, we can print on a variety of bold and interesting surfaces. Whether it be with the natural look of wood, aluminum’s bold impact, or the sleek and stylish drama of glass, we can bring your photos and graphics to life.
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Expand your print horizons with our new direct printing solutions.

Print on materials that are too thick and heavy for standard large format printing. Its zoned vacuum bed holds media steady to ensure stable printing and ink adheres to a wide range of treated and untreated media, including: Birch Wood, Aluminum, Max Metal, Acrylic and Glass. 

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Sample Prices for Direct Printing Services

1/4" Low Iron Glass 1/4" Clear Acrylic 1/8" Aluminum 1/8” Max Metal 1/2” Birch Wood
11" x 14" $41.50 $31.00 $46.50 $21.00 $25.00
16" x 20" $102.00 $68.75 $103.00 $60.00 $65.00
20" x 24" $146.00 $103.00 $155.00 $90.00 $108.00
24" x 30" $207.00 $155.00 $232.50 $136.50 $162.50
24" x 36" $250.00 $186.00 $279.00 $163.00 $195.00

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