About JW Image Co.

JW Photo Labs developed in Raleigh, NC in 1984, to provide film processing, printing and as technology dictated, digital services for folks serious about photography.

In 2001, Tebo Graphics and Displays emerged to provide a broader range of visual communication to a wider array of industry and clientele.

Today, JW Image Co. exists to bring the name recognition and history of JW Photo Labs and the broad services of Tebo Graphics and Displays together, providing client-centered image services for just about anyone.

Our Services

Photo Prints

Processing, watercolor & metallic prints, canvas, mounting, posters, acrylic, and more!


Signs & banners, wallpaper, posters, acrylic, window graphics, fabric prints, interior signage, and metal.


Expo dealer, Tebo Displays, built-in, banner up, pop-up, retractable, table top, and more!